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 If you want to Run Bobo, Read here:
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Old Man of the Steel

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Posted - 01/02/2004 :  9:28:36 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hoot, you are level 80 and it's time to get your Tusker Island recall scroll! YAYYYYYYYYYYY!

Ahem. Pay attention now.

This is a quest that can be run fairly quickly by level 100+ characters (well, 126+). It can very, very quickly be death to level 80-90 characters...just ask around at how quickly a Devastator monkeyshines someone with Blud Vuln7 and Imp7 on them, yessir.

But, lets start at the beginning, shall we?

Three coordinates to write down ahead of time.

0 n/s. Yes, run west from the Drop to Tusker town to 0 N/S and head west across the water. Congratulations, you didn't get lost! West, young peer, West...not south.

2.5s/86.4E. i.e NOW you turn south.
This is Kleeoh. Are you a team player? Are you nimble? Are you planning ahead?
Well, then, go talk to her ahead of time. You don't need to make the rest of the fellow wait while you talk to her. Run up to her little house, close the door if you have to, don't fight anything (it draws a LOT more attention if you fight inside her house), and click on her. As soon as she starts talking to you, you are flagged and can enter the next dungeon.
You only ever need to talk to Kleeoh ONCE. Once! Please do it ahead of time!

We will escort you out there if needed. But, if you can do it yourself, you save time for all of us.

8.7S/85.7E...Behind the Waterfall.
This is the entry point to the dungeon. You can run down the beach and turn west and find it, or come up on it from due north and jump down to it. It's easy to find on your overhead...the lake and waterfall show up on your vertical map.

Get inside, drop is safe. Praise the Lord, check your buff timers.
it takes 35-40 minutes to run the quest with a good party. If need be, you can rebuff on the way if things become difficult. You can log out to save buffs, everyone can's a safe drop.


Blud Bane head to toe. Blud Prot7. At least 6's in all other element for protection (for the humans). If you aren't WEARING these prots, you need 7's...the dispel traps will dispose of them otherwise. You need Pierce and slash banes on your legs and feet for the reedsharks you encounter later. Bane underwear too. Wear a Helm with an AC of 300 base unless you like getting two or three-thwopped dead by Devastators or Annihilators. Buff sprint for the long run. Make sure you have regen so you have healing while running. If you are melee or archer, your best melee def weapon had best be in hand for the run.

Weapons: Fire, of course. Then, either a blud weapon, or slash/pierce (for the reedsharks and chits inside).

Ask everyone what they have. If everyone has fire render, the mages should just isn't as efficent or fast, but it will work. If you are lucky, everyone will have Fire AR, and the mages can vuln. People will do more damage, and the mages can war to much more effect.

If you are low level...don't fight. Especially your first time. PLEASE DON"T FIGHT. We want you to get to the bottom alive. That means we don't want stuff beating on you...we want it beating on us. That means don't deal damage to stuff that will kill you. If you are a mage, you can help by healing. If you are a melee or archer...kill the humans running around. We hate them, and they die fast...but are less likely to kill you. Keeping yourself alive and safe so you get to the bottom is far more important then helping us kill stuff.

The stuff in here is geared to the 100+ crowd. It has high aren't going to land much. It has high offenses...they will land on you and play you like a drum. The less fighting you do, the better!

Once you have the scroll, pitch in as you like on later runs...if you die, you at least have the scroll already!

The first level of the dungeon is simple...stay to the right hand wall. Hug corners if you don't want to fight and draw stuff...linger near the mages and archers, they make nice walls against stuff.
Stay alive. If a Dev or Assailer turns on you, you can be dead in under 5 seconds. Annihilators are even faster.

The second dungeon starts off with a swarm of humans, then you are in open room fighting...very dangerous. There are several locations where tuskers can come at the party from two or three directions. In particular, there is a very large room with two Annihs at the bottom that have to be pulled up and fought from the relative safety of a hallway. Once they are dead, the whole party runs down as fast as they can and gets into a narrow hallway where the tuskers can't come at you more then one at a time. You have to be quick here...getting caught outside the press can be very dangerous.

Try to get between an archer and a mage...they make great walls.

The third dungeon is the food locker...advance a bit out of the poison mist, wait for someone to pull the reedsharks. These beasties are dangerous...very fickle, fast and good damage. Be wary of the chitticks! The tailspines they throw are typeless damage and can quickly mess you up if you dont pay attention to them!

Mages will generally only imperil there, or war. Use slash on reeds, pierce on chits, or blud on both/either.

The route down is the first ramp on the right, down, then third ramp on the right (the only one with a tusker down the ramp). Then you simply follow the left hand wall all the way around to another ramp down.

The big room here has two Annihs in it. The best way to kill them is to park at the entry of the long hallway there and simply pull the spawn into it. One by one, they go down with ridiculous speed and ease, all lined up like chickens, and you don't have to chase them on slopes or get bounced around a press.
Then run ahead and down and to the next dungeon.

This one starts off with single tusker encounters in rooms that also bear some amusing signs, if you want to take the time to read them. This dungeon is also unusual in that it has a slow spawn. A solo person who knows the path can literally run thru the dungeon before it spawns. Even a group can get thru a few rooms that stay empty.

Stay on the outside curve of tunnels. This draws tuskers off the ramps and onto the floor where they are easier to target and kill, especially for melees.

There is exactly one location, at the bottom of a ramp, where assailers can swarm from two directions. you need only stay on the ramp and deal with them as they come...although with a large enough party, they will simply deal with them and you can be safe staying in the middle of the crowd. The last room is all Devastators, but if you stay in the tunnel, they come in one after another and die.

Down and around, stick to the left wall in the hole in the floor, and you can go see Bobo in his Throne Room.

Make a line and talk to the one handed tusker king. You get ported to a 'ready room'.

Check your buffs. Got ten minutes left? Puh-lenty of time. Make sure one of the mages is going to imperil, vuln and fester.
If this is your first time, you aren't here to are here to be in the room when Mowen dies. That's it!

You will be told to head for a corner. This is not to protect you from Mowen...without a large party with a melee wall, that is not possible. IT's to protect you from the OTHER tuskers that spawn in when more and more people arrive, since said tuskers can't quite squeeze around the big bulk of Mowen.
A good party will hold off killing him until you can d/l and join them in the corner. Once the killing starts, however, Mowen goes down with remarkable speed.

When he dies, all the tuskers vanish, and a portal pops up. It's at least a two minute portal, but you MUST click on it to exist...running thru it is not enough. There's about enough time to loot someone who died. If you miss the portal, you have to run all the way down again to complete the quest...which, of course, sucks.

You go back to a ready room. Go ahead again and you are back in Bobo's Throne Room. Make a line, and get your Monkey Paw.
A Monkey paw grants one wish. If you did the most damage (which, if this is your first time, you won't), you get three.

Take the portal to the rewards chamber.
As you drop out, directly in front of you is the Artificer's Wish Statue. This is the Statue that gives you the tusker island recall scroll...EVERY TIME.
Step forwards. Open up your spellbook, click on the level 5 6 and 7 spells (I don't remember what level it is), and item magic, and give your Monkey Paw to the statue.
Zing! you now have the scroll. You can leave now, quest done.

If you want the other rewards, then you need to realize one thing...the Statues are all affiliated with specific SKILLS. They are arranged in order of SKILL ALPHABETICALLY, from front left to behind you right. Thus the farthest Ahead LEft statue is Armor Tinkering. The farthest one Behind and Left is War Magic (I think). Ignore the names of the statues...just go alphabetically by skill, using the names as a guideline, and you will find the rewards you seek.

Weapon skills give you a special Tattoo worn on the upper arms...benefits vary by tattoo.
Melee and magic and missile defense get you a tattoo worn on the bracer slot on lower arms.
War magic gets you the uber Tusker Fist spell.
Life Magic gets you a long term Armor spell.
Forgot what critter magic gives you.
Jump gives you a spell that grants +100 to JUmp skill for 3 seconds.

Healing grants you the raw material to make 100 blue healing kits...which are only really useful if you have over a 300 healing skill, but are a godsend for those of us who do.

If you don't get the 'material' rewards for the skill, you get a variable amount of Xp into the skill...anywhere from 100k to 1 million. Please note that 'Material' rewards are about a 2-3% took Magik Brute over 30 paws to get his Tusker Fist spell from the SOrceror's Wish (war magic). Thus, people tend to run this quest many, many times.

An average run thru BObo generates about ten million xp, takes an hour from beginning to end with an expericenced crew. That's if everyone starts on time, there's no lag problems, and no delays on the way.

Did you stop at Kleeoh ahead of time? Sure you did.


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