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Old Man of the Steel

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Posted - 12/22/2003 :  2:37:43 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I dunno how much everyone has played video games, but there are very few games where the element of mobility is not of great comfort and utility. From racing thru a first person shooter to teleporting willy nilly around Diablo's dungeons, to the huge difference in run speed between ac and ac2, and fixing as many lifestones and portals as you can...mobility is everything.

For a long, long time, the Aerlinthe Quest was the most commonly done quest in game. Why? Because it was the best place to hunt...and it was a new spell! Aerlinthe Recall, direct to the island, do not pass go, do not pay the Cnote and dare the diamonds, or the Dnote and brave the rats.

Getting level 50 and the right to visit the castle was a rite of meant you were all grown up and could play with the big boys (and if you were a mage, camp endless corals).

Not so strangely, the secondary recall quests are very, very low in demand now. People don't hunt those areas. The Vesyayan islands, once an archer's playground, are virtually ignored in favor of the SOuth landbridge, the dires, or tusker/olthoi dungeons. Mt Lethe is off in the middle of nowhere. Corals aren't worth the time to kill, nor endless red banders and altered druges. The Sing Caul is only visited now for a single quest...there's rampagers and better stuff to kill elsewhere. Only BObo is in high demand...people scream up to level 80 just to get this spell, as they once did for Aerlinthe and level 50...

And yet...

Having Aerlinthe Recall means you have instant access to the NW edge of the dires. Where you drop out is an Obsidian Rim portal...which deposits you at a lifestone near a commonly hunted portion of the Valley of Death. With Aerlinthe Recall, you don't need to waste a portal tie or lifestone binding to this location. Recall, take one portal, and there you are.
WIth one spell, access to the middle dires, almost to the OP, and the Northwest well as the island itself.

Mt Lethe Recall. Easy quest, just takes a lockpicker. Gives access to the middle east dires. The hellfire might be there from the SoLL quest, and drops a 4 mil xp potion good for a mule. Due east is the new Undead dungeon with all them minors and majors adropping. the hunting around there and points south is the best in the dires for Cabalists, Peerless, Gotrok titans and Platinums...I use Mt Lethe Recall all the time.

Sanctuary Recall is used in the latest quest for the Bracelet. The scenery around the temple is the most spectactular in the game, from the sunsets to the waterfall to The cathedral itself....and it's the fastest way in the game to go non-red if you are into full bore PK. There used to always be portal bots there...the recall to Sanc served the same function as going to subway for many people, freeing up a portal tie slot (a duty sometimes taken over by Marketplace now).

And Vesayan islands are still the only place you can find the .1% drop halves of the Ulgrim recall scroll. Good luck! well as the best places in the game to level mules to 30th without a mage standing next to you, as well as for your first (and probably only) bandit hilt.

Did all of you know there's another subway on Vesayan? The jungle subway, connects to a whole slew of places the original doesn't reach, just as fast a run down if you know the way. I have it on my mage because Eastham is there, for Gaerlan well as Neydissa (middle North, flag quest), Tufa (mnemosynes turn in) and the Plateau (always a pain to get to.) Outside, just east of the dungeon...a fast spawn Obsidian golem location. Few people bother with mnemos and ob hearts now...but they still drop a lot of gems, and are easy kills.

Everyone knows to get the Bobo Recall. They scream up to level 80 just to run the quest. No more recall gems! no more tusker shrines!
guess what? Same reason to get Aerlinthe Recall...except THAT spell actually leads to other useful areas, too...and you only have to do it once!

There's a third subway in the game too...the desert March, accessed by danby's outpost (HAH, how many of you know the fast road there? Thru Zaikhal?)or by a run from AL-Jalima. This place has Black Hill (one minute from Wei Jou, 5 minutes from the OP BSD, and right in the OP), North Dires, the OBsidian Rim, the Crater AND the Bandit Castle inside it. It's dangerous to use it, with hollows there...but guess what? I can get on the OP whenever I want to, and down to Wei Jou as well. It's impossible to find anyone with that tie nowadays.

A lot of people use mapping programs and use the portal settlements to get around and cut travel time to obscure areas. That's great, I'm all for it. But even with portal settlements every 5 clicks, the recall spells always come in handy and useful.

I'm a very, very firm believer in having your own portal network. Places you frequent a lot should be tied to...places that are useful should be used instead of direct ties...portal recall can get you back thru 90% of the portals in the game, instead of tying to a dungeon.

I firmly believe that...

a) Everyone should have Aerlinthe Recall. Helps hunt the Dires, and the VOD. It's a cakewalk now with the gear we can sit out at the Undead town and run along with any party that does it, get the key and scroll and you are set...or run it yourself and for one of the few quests in game, get your name in lights for the whole server!

b)Everyone should be tied to Subway with their main. Subway connects to too many places...especially Arwic. Arwic means you can run to the Bandit to the Artifice cottages portal for the gman to the portal closest to the AL 500 Olthoi thru the Mtn pass for the 'other' Queen has a 90% sell rate for goodies...and the olthoi hunter for turning stuff in.
Between a key Portal Ring, sell rate, the Subway portals...a sub tie is INDISPENSABLE. Portals to the SPec temples? With subway, these are like a minute away...who needs a bot? Nanto? drop in soushi, 20 seconds. lytlethorpe? 20 sec from rithwic drop, etc etc etc. There's tou tou and aljalima and the fastest road to the Old Mines and the Lugian City of Linvak Tukal...

Whats NOT to love about Subway and arwic?

C) One of your mules should be able to summon Jungle Subway. There's a half dozen more nice portals there that save you a heck of a lot of run time. You might have to explore the dungeon and memorize the road down...won't that be a shame! See the circle of Shadow children...
Not having to run to Eastham or find a network to Neydissa makes this nice...and you don't need an eastham only tie wasted just for Gman.

d) You should have a lifestone Tie or be Lifestoned at Ayan Baquar.
1) Portals to uziz and Baishi. There's no easier way to get to these places in the game. Baishi has the best Olthoi dungeon in the game right in town at this time. Baishi has the Drunken Madman...Ulgrim, Middle Dires, go PK. Uziz...hell, its the only fast way to get to Uziz!
2) Portal to Teth...go in the foundry portal at the center of town, go back! in Teth. Amazing. Teth is a step down from Ayan in outdoor hunting...but endless lugians and tumeroks if you want to kill them...and if you run the Tumerok Overlord, it's basically where you start off.
3) The best Dires hunting possible outside the VOD is around Ayan and north to Mt Lethe.
4) Baishi is 80% sell rate and the second or third best place to buy up raw salvage, like gold (heh! says the DI tinkerer). When I have 300k in my pack waiting to be spent, I visit Baishi and usually the smith has stuff for me.

5) Desert March on a mule means you don't have to waste a bloody half hour spamming for an OP portal. Buff up, log in the mule, cast the damn spell, log back in, run thru the dungeon, boom, you are on the OP. Saves a lot of time...abd stops you from irritating others with your lack of self reliance.

6) If you have a trade mule, you should have ties to the Crater and Stonehold. There's too much stuff craft related that ties into those locations NOT to have those ties.

7) Lastly, everyone should have a good run skill. a 300 run skill used to be the standard of the game...most people didn't want to venture into the dires without one. Nowadays, I heartily recommend a 400 lets you run away from EVERYTHING. Instead of dogging your heels for clicks, stuff misses and misses and then goes away. That's really, really take a LOT less damage that way.

Learn to strafe. Most of us old timers learned hard the neccessity of it when racing thru the OP and doing the Aerefalle quest. Virindi and wasps would literally fill the screen with spells. If you stopped to heal, your entourage swarmed you, you lagged, and you died. It was not fun, but you learned to avoid all that crap.

Hit Q for autorun. Z
Learn NOT to follow directly behind people. If you are running quests (Bobo is the big one here...but it used to be Dires runs and Aerlinthe island!), there's always someone who is the rabbit...the first one seen, and the one the monsters are chasing. they swing in behind him and try to catch him...which means if you are behind them, they are sharing space, bouncing around you, stopping, acquiring someone else as a target (YOU) and instead of running away contributing to more lag.

Run a little to the right, or a little to the left. Let the monsters that want to run back run back...don't run head long into them, have to dodge them. If you stay just to the sides, you wont wake up any additional spawns to speak of...and your lag load will drop since the server doesn't have to juggle spacing with the MOB's running willy nilly around you. Strafe to avoid terrain..dont slow down by changing directions...very easy to get stuck on trees.

And best of all, if you lag a lot, either get a good graphics card and better processor, or turn your graphics way down so the game looks like crap. When I upgraded, I was suddenly able to run down Mt Tendkarrdun on Aerlinthe island with full graphics and no lag...something that would have been instant lag death before then. Before then, most of my graphics never got above 1/4 resolution.

It also helps to have a cable modem :).

And One more Thing.
take Notes.
If there's one thing that can annoy me, it's people who don't know where to find stuff...after they've been there 5 times. Furthermore, they don't know where to look for the stuff.
I will generally ask ONE person if they know where/how/what something is about. If that person doesn't know or can't get me an answer, I go looking on my own. COD, maggies, Acvault...all indispensable.

I've got a Notebook sitting on my desk. In there is Patch tree data on Quests and locations and places for the last 3 years. There's a whole slew of miscellaneous crap (coords to the WHite rabbit? Seed Mage? xarabydun? got em.)

I can flip open to the Month Tusker Island went live and see a list of every dungeon with a tusk in it...and the coords to Kleeoh, the Waterfall, etc.
I have a list of what needs to be done for the Aerlinthe Quest, Baelzaron, the queen...every dungeon on Marae Lassel...

I take the vital info off the Patch Tree and write it up. I have a list of all the stuff dropped for the Harbinger quest and what they give! heh. I'm not into minutia (every town with an Ivory Collector? Hello? you only need one), but there's only three Obsidian crafters in the many of you know where to find them, and why you might want to know how Obsidian Golem black rocks can be your friends?

About two years ago, I broke out an old, old printout of dungeons in the game, and I went around and visited them all.

They made up this Alloy quest, and I thought, what a PITA. I can't level in these places...the xp doth sucketh, and I have to run willy nilly all over creation to find these places.
Man, I forgot how big Glendon Wood dungeon is.
Dungeon Nye is 6 clicks from my house, you know? ANd now I can get that peice in two minutes.
Outside the Baishi dungoen of Tatters is a convenient portal to the High Mtn valley. Took a nice chunk off my travel time.
there's an Eastham portal at the bottom of the Plateau dungeon..that's a nice shortcut!
Jeez, settlement portals go EVERYWHERE. I can get to the Seed mage in under 3 minutes now, not run all the way from *&^&* soushi...
It's faster going to Lin via Samsur then thru Tou tou!
Hey, insane amounts of berserkers and strikers at the bandit island near tou tou if you need a bow
You know, I think at least 5 of those dungeons I had NEVER beeen in before the quest...and the rest so long ago I only vaguely remembered them. It was like walking thru history. Reminds me of when I actually did all the explorer dungeons just to get all the stamps.

The Uziz portal ring stops near all the dungeons you need for the Silifi of Crimson Stars Quest, pretty much...

And to find out all this stuff? I didn't have to fight much, I didn't need people with me...I did it all alone.

If you are new to the game...the game is huge. Don't worry about powerlevelling all the time...explore. Visit those Points of Interest. hell, try to FIND them.

which reminds me, I still have to find that undead slaughter point Fist De Yuma was talking about on his post a while ago...never seen it in person.


Unarmed Kickass Brawler

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Posted - 12/29/2003 :  3:51:21 PM  Show Profile  Visit Minyi's Homepage  Send Minyi an AOL message  Send Minyi a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
suggestion: make this sticky. lots of routes, etc, of use to many people

EST- Cleveland, OH
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Old Man of the Steel

2134 Posts

Posted - 01/02/2004 :  3:13:44 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
star knows...he's making up a Master sticky post that can link all of these.

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