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 VoD research. - Update/ II
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Old Man of the Steel

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Posted - 07/04/2003 :  1:55:35 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Okay, went out to the VoD with 4 buffed weapons...slash/pierce, frost, fire and lightning.

Unfortunately, the Lightning was CS and not AR, so I'm not sure it means much...the only thing I tested it against was lugies and banders, tho.

Here's the wrap up...remember this! All this was done without imps or vulns (which was actually nice, since it gave me plenty of time to generate crits with each weapon...never had to fight a monster more then once! Heheheehehehehe)

Virindi- Fire, Pierce, and Slashing did the SAME DMG. At full power, approx 200 pts...the variance was due to the minor dmg dif between weapons.
Thats right, the if at all possible, use SLASHING or PIERCE so the archers can pull out them big Frogs/AP's!

Gromnies - Okay, FROST is the killer here...used on at least 3 of them. It clearly outperformed Slashing and Fire. Slash was 267, Fire was 255, Piercing was 131 (doubled for 262), and cold was 321. However, Slash and pierce are both perfectly viable if cold weapons aren't buffed.
Grommies have NEGATIVE armor vs COLD, so the best thing to use on them is CRitical Strike COLD.

Lugians -
UPDATE- Learned this today! Lugians out there have very little armor! They are like crystal lords...they have high resistances. And their Elems are arranged so that they are INDEED more vuln to COLD then to SLASH....if you have a CS or CB weapon! For armor rending, it just sucked. SO if you have a CS or CB cold weapon, by all means use Cold on Lugians. If you have AR, slash is better.
With a base -43 Cold Sword, My CS crit on VOD Lgians was 2045! (once imped and vulned)

Druge Seraphs - Piercing 115, doubled for 230. Slashing, 249. Fire, 266. Cold, 250.
Further Testing has indicated they are pretty much equally vuln to all elements. Furthermore, Druge Mystics are most vulnerable to acid!
Serpahs appear to have a negative AC debuffed vs pierce. Crit Strike Pierce dmg is by far the best dmg against them...but is mostly useless against Mystics.

Banderlings (suck!) - 172 slashing. 87 (174) pierce. 171 Fire. 177 Cold. 75 CS lightning.
Cold is best? Bah. Pierce slash and fire seemed equal. Lightning...the ratio is worse then on Lugians, so I'm assuming for melee that lightning sucked as usual.
I believe Bander Hieros you want to use Pierce on...the rest you use Fire.

Knath - Wasn't able to find a 'best' just default to slashing. Jello dies quick, use slash if you can, fire if you can't.

Obliterator, Undead - These are no brainers, use fire.

Armoredillos - Updated...ran out there and killed three of them. Pierce was 151 dmg, which equals 302. Cold was 129, which is 258. Slashing was 252, fire was a glorious 152.
Confirmed, standard dillo = USE PIERCE.

Platinum Golem Mountain King - If this bad boy is anything like his followers, He's most vuln to COLD, not ACID (note the fires about his middle). Acid is the SECOND thing to use on him. Of course, Blud works fine too. If you don't debuff (vuln) him, then he doesn't debuff you either! Go renders!

The TM - THe Tremendous has been relegated to 100k HP. WHile monugas are historically vuln to cold, dmg testing has revealed that the TM sends fairly equal to Pierce and Cold.
Thus, use Pierce. Archer's have AP's they want to see put to use.

Swarthy Mattekar - Um, People, the damn thing breathes fire...why are you hitting it with fire attacks? Use Pierce...all mattes are fairly vuln to pierce. I highly doubt since it has fur it's cold vuln...actually, you should be able to look at it's robe and get a fair idea what to use and not use on it.

Ursuin - Use Fire on these. Good xp for the kill time.

Crystal Shard Sent - Assuming blunt.

Shadows (feh) - fire or slash, as use slash.

Olthoi (REALLY SUCK) - Blud, Pierce, or stay the hell away from em. Very hard to draw just one, persistent and a pain. If a mage has a Gaerlan wand, use it...the Olthoi Slayer effect stacks!

Tumeroks - didn't test, I use fire because it seems to work better on Dires level tummies then slashing. I think they are at 80-90% vs elems and 100% vs physicals...but it could be even across the board. Use whatever is best, typically fire.

Grievvers - This isn't even a debate. Slash them, pierce if you must.

I apologize for not being able to get blunt numbers. Conceivably, I could use a staff, but the base dmg of a staff would be so much lower then my sword, I couldn't make an honest comparison. A buffed staff would do less dmg then my base sword.

But in brief - YOu want to have the following weapons maxed for VOD hunting:
AR Acid. - This is specifically for Druges.
Crit Strike Cold - For lugians and grommies, Plat King.
AR Slash/Pierce - Dillos, jello, banders, grievvers, shadows, virindi, olthoi, the TM, swarthy Mattekar
AR fire - Undead. Virindi if you must, obliterator, Dread Ursuin

Archers - You should have a proper supply of Frogs, AP, fire and maybe cold. You should try to use Frogs most of the time.

XP/Time - Best is virindi at roughly 1.75 mil a pop, and dread ursuins.
The obliterator and the Tm are both worth the time to kill at 6 and ten million per.
Next is Drudge seraphs, mystics, and grommies
Then Dillos.
The lowest level undead are decent xp and die easy, but the new undead really suck.
If you have a fellow that knows what it's doing, Olthoi can be productive. If you dont, then they can kill you easy.

Grievvers and Tumeroks are about the same. They actually die fairly quickly with vulns, and can fill time. It's worth the time to kill them instead of wasting it looking for spawns and leaving good spawns alone.
Shadows aren't worth much in comparison, but on the other hand they die really fast compared to the other stuff.

Olthoi suck really bad.

The Platinum Mtn King is ~3 mil, and his plat golem bodyguards cough up some great loot. Don't try this unless you have someone devoted to handling the respawning plats. KIlling him and his bodyguard is good xp and his bodyguards are nice loot critters.

Spawns out there generally don't reset if there is someone in the area. So if you find two virindi spawns, you can bounce between them easily...waste time and kill tumeroks, shadows and grievvers in the area between the Virindi spawns. If the other spawns nearby are Druges, Undead, Dillos and Grommies, then yer styling!

Also, keep in mind the VOD is HUGE. The area hunted by people from the Ob Rim LS is a VERY small section of the goes some ten clicks further north, and both west and east. You don't HAVE to hunt the same area as everyone else...find a valley of your own and work it. It's just easier to get your body when you die with people around. If you like to hunt solo, you can hit VOD spawns going due north from the OB Rim LS...or coming down south from the Acid Prop area, neither of which has many people around, and which makes it more likely to find the rarer spawns.

And Granite keys are rarer and better then marble keys. My first Granite key gave me 3 dual6's, two of em usable, and two minor thingamajigs, and a HUGE amount of loot to take. It's really hard to use the damn keys up, because it takes so long to loot the chests when others want to go hunt.

marble keys received an upgrade and are now slightly better then old sing keys.

Hardest Creatures to Hit in melee - Dillos and Grommies. I think this is because they only attack Low or you are getting the equal height melee boost/penalty going. Everything else attacks at all levels, so it's not as big a factor.

Easiest to bane for - The Obliterator, if you fight him, only attacks High since he's so big. BP, pauls, and Helm.

Final Notes: If you are low level and have life magic, you can actually join a fellow as a go get your healer's heart and try for the 20 mil an hour.

Don't try this place without a mage who can's just too GD frustrating when every single thing you fight except the shadows has 10k HP. HACKhackHACKhackHACKhackHACKhackHACKhackHACKhackHACKhackHACKhackHACKhackHACKhackHACKhackHACKhackHACKhackHACKhackHACKhack bleh.
IT's generally easy to join a fellow. larger fellows kill more stuff quicker, and usually have a devoted healer. Just having a mage who can vuln stuff is enough to base a fellow on...everyone else can tear thru the stuff for him.


Edited by - Aelryinth on 07/10/2003 12:08:51 AM

Head Facilitator

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Posted - 07/05/2003 :  3:39:09 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
This is so "sticky worthy"

Thanks for the great post Ael!
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Old Man of the Steel

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Posted - 07/05/2003 :  11:24:05 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I should also post the xp/critter out there to back up some of my fighting numbers...but i'd have to solo every damn thing out there to make it happen.


IF someone could compare their blunt numbers, that would be a good thing if they are close in dmg range (my weapons are all within 42-45 dmg, so if you have a blunt -33 and axe 36, thats good enough)

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Posted - 07/06/2003 :  07:40:10 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Liches 500,000xp
Dark 450,000 xp
Paradox 1,292,000 xp
Drudges 500,000 xp


MST In Game most evenings
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Standard User

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Posted - 07/06/2003 :  9:37:11 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
This is a great post!! I hunt there a lot and most of this seems pretty dead on.

Just thought I would mention for all you mages out there, that this is a damage evaluation from a melee point of view. Mages will find that certain damages types that work well for melees are rather poor when you use war magic. Most of the time fire is a safe bet for agro war, but there are times when it does not work well.

For example:

I do find acid the best on the plat king (for mages...I have tried all 7 spells)
3/4 of the gromnies use slash (Ivory, ash, rust). The 4th gromnie (Azure) fire seems fine.
The crystals I have soloed (but they are hard) with slash damamge. Works pretty well.
Dillos definitely use pierce for mages. The slash not very good with war magic.
Banderlings, if you must do them....use lightning.
Olthoi...who knows I do not do them enuff. They a real pain in the butt :-)
Lugs same thing. I have seen melees do nice fire damage, but mages should use lighting.
Rest of and slash as the melees do.

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Old Man of the Steel

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Posted - 09/11/2003 :  10:46:11 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
A growing tactic by mages on the Bile Grievvers is to vuln them to blood and war away with shockwaves because they don't counterbuff.

Um, is it me, but I have never noticed the Bile Grievvers counterbuff to ANYTHING out there. When they get slash vulned and Imperilled...they dont buff like normal grievvers do, they keep attacking.

So, no need to use a lesser dmg:) go with slash vuln and make everyone happy!

And VoD Lugians have HORRIBLE armor. That's why CS outperforms AR on them. I believe Imperil actually drops them to negative Imp7 thrown on one increases dmg by a factor of about 4...much better then a vuln! With an AR weapon, you are actually INCREASING Their armor, since you cut the negative armor in half....exactly like a Crystal Golem or Crystal Lord. That's why it does worse.

I am going to have to get my hands on a Crushing Blow frost sword and see just how big a crit I can get on those things! If CS is any indication...4-5k should not be hard at all:)

Also, take note Please!!! RENDING weapons are not useful in the VOD unless you are NOT hunting with a mage...and even then I'm very sure it's a PITA to use them.

A Mage wants to VUln...which is what rending does. Therefore, you are wasting the Rending effect when he vulns away. Sure, imperil stacks...but imperil is worse except on Lugians.

I strongly advise using AR weapons when hunting in the VOD, because they stack with Imps and vulns to greater effect. CS comes in a close second, and definitely for Lugians.


Edited by - Aelryinth on 09/11/2003 10:49:07 AM
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Twisted Heat
Slayer of Beasts

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Posted - 09/20/2003 :  08:11:50 AM  Show Profile  Visit Twisted Heat's Homepage  Reply with Quote
LOL i want a fire breathing swarthy mattekar as a pet ;)


"Strength and Honor"
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Boromir the Magical
Feeder Mosswart

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Posted - 11/10/2003 :  6:14:23 PM  Show Profile  Visit Boromir the Magical's Homepage  Send Boromir the Magical an AOL message  Reply with Quote
Did you test the swarthy? ive killed a bunch and always used fire, usually works for me even though they breathe fire :-P
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Old Man of the Steel

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Posted - 12/05/2003 :  2:05:49 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Another Update:

Druge Seraphs seem to be set up like VOD lugians...they have high Elemental Res but crappy armor, specifically to Pierce.
A normal Pierce sword, once they are imped and vulned, pokes them for over 1000 dmg. So, a CS pierce could conceivably take them out in four swings...or one swing with a Crippling Blow.

Druge Seraph Mytics seem to have a vulnerablility to AR acid...I have not tested this.

Are their any special vulnerabilities for VOD olthoi? I hear the mages are going hog wild on them now with Gaerlan wands. Actually worth the killing.

And please someone tell me they found something Banderlings are vuln to out there.

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