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 How did you name your char(s)
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Toe Killer
Faciliator aka "The Axe"

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Posted - 02/11/2003 :  1:20:33 PM  Show Profile  Visit Toe Killer's Homepage  Send Toe Killer an ICQ Message  Reply with Quote
Looking for answers from some of the new guys! I couldn't unlock the original post so here is the link and I started a new thread.


Toe Killer
Axers are Uber, shush its a secret

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Chrysophylax Dives
Standard User

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Posted - 02/12/2003 :  04:58:17 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Those are good. I particularly like Grump's response. If anyone is interested the name I used in AC1 was taken from one of J.R.R. Tolkiens short stories called "Farmer Giles of Ham". It was a story my father read to me as child before bed. Below is a brief synopsis.

Farmer Giles of Ham. In this story, a common farmer, Giles, first encounters a lost giant, whom he accidentally routes. The giant then informs one of his neighbors of his adventure, a dragon named Chrysophylax Dives (alias Chrysophylax the Bold), who visits the land the giant found to eat sheep, cows, and humans. Because he was considered a very courageous man after the incident with the giant, Giles is eventually forced into confronting the dragon. In this encounter his luck holds again and he manages to defeat Chrysophylax with the help of a special sword, Caudimordax or "vulgarly Tailbiter." The dragon bargains for his life, but despite his promise, he does not return with treasure. Forced to confront the dragon still again by his king, who plans to confiscate the treasure, Giles survives an attack, killing most of the king's knights, and once again gets the best of Chrysophylax, who brings back part of his treasure for Giles and helps him defend it in revolve against the undeserving king.

P.S. I wouldn't use it again because it just isn't usable in an MMORPG because it is so damn long and confusing. AC1 was my first MMORPG so please forgive this mistake.

Spitfire - Tumerok Feral Intendant - AC2 - Leafcull
Nightrain - Tumerok Invoker - AC2 - Leafcull
Spitfire - Og Mage - AC1 - Leafcull
Chrysophylax Dives - Life/Archer - AC1 - Leafcull

Edited by - Chrysophylax Dives on 02/12/2003 05:02:42 AM
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Scotty the Handy Man
Game Show Host of LC

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Posted - 02/12/2003 :  05:03:31 AM  Show Profile  Visit Scotty the Handy Man's Homepage  Reply with Quote
My friend played AC a while ago, and his name was Scotty. We weren't really friends back then, and we hated eachother, so I wanted to get back at 'em to say "I'm handy". Everyone else thought he was in RL. I have no

"Beam me up Scotty...There's no intelligent life down here."
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Toe Killer
Faciliator aka "The Axe"

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Posted - 02/12/2003 :  06:20:28 AM  Show Profile  Visit Toe Killer's Homepage  Send Toe Killer an ICQ Message  Reply with Quote
Dives: I remember that story. Lol. Yeah your name is so hard for us spelling challenged peeps to type.


Toe Killer
Axers are Uber, shush its a secret
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Feeder Mosswart

227 Posts

Posted - 02/12/2003 :  10:07:36 AM  Show Profile  Visit daemon's Homepage  Send daemon an AOL message  Reply with Quote
So, there i was on the computer and this error msg pops up with something to the fact of " blahblahblah daemon caused an error and requires program to be shutdown." So being the simple minded teen, I thought it would be a good netname for myself and have used it ever since(about 10 years).

And searching now on the internet, it seems that the BSD Daemon has gotten a lot of attention and has even got a plush doll and stuffs.

this is something from one of the web pages:

"Many people equate the word ``daemon'' with the word ``demon,'' implying some kind of Satanic connection between UNIX and the underworld. This is an egregious misunderstanding. ``Daemon'' is actually a much older form of ``demon''; daemons have no particular bias towards good or evil, but rather serve to help define a person's character or personality. The ancient Greeks' concept of a ``personal daemon'' was similar to the modern concept of a ``guardian angel'' --- ``eudaemonia'' is the state of being helped or protected by a kindly spirit. As a rule, UNIX systems seem to be infested with both daemons and demons." (p403)
Evi Nemeth, Unix System Administration Handbook

And, for me, it seems to fit well.

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Standard User

19 Posts

Posted - 02/12/2003 :  10:28:03 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I got my first computer back in 1981. It was a piece of crap put out by atari and sold by Sears. It had a tape backup drive instead of floppys, and was so unreliable to be useless. Sold it in 1982 and purchased an Apple IIe. It had a floppy drive but no hard drive. It was much more reliable. One of the first games I purchased was Wizardry. It was a RPG with attrocious graphics. Mostly static pictures with text. I created an entire host of names trying to keep within the theme of the game. Ecklod was one of them, and my favorite. I changed it slightly to Echylod for this game. I have been told that Echylod is very close to Rusian word meaning Nuclear Explosion. Not sure of the validity of that, but it sounds good. :-)
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Standard User

22 Posts

Posted - 02/13/2003 :  12:13:17 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Iskiri - Name of Jesus C.'s younger brother. Must've been some serious sibling rivalry there don ya think? :o)
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Heart Ripper

147 Posts

Posted - 02/13/2003 :  05:55:30 AM  Show Profile  Visit Tarpon's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I named my characters after saltwater fish,

Sea Trout
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Feeder Mosswart

474 Posts

Posted - 02/13/2003 :  2:12:57 PM  Show Profile  Visit Meannoto's Homepage  Reply with Quote
My first choice was in use Mean so Mean not too
anyway it was to long so it became Meannoto
And the rest is history
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Magik Brute
Standard Gimp

1160 Posts

Posted - 02/14/2003 :  07:19:30 AM  Show Profile  Visit Magik Brute's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Brute, It's a name I have used for years. Well it's short for Brute Force but that name was taken already(By who I don't know Brandish) So I added the -sun suffex as suggest by AC on the naming screen.....So that is where Brute Forcesun came from.

Brute Troson was a direct tribute to my patron at the time Damon Troson when I was stuck for a name I named him after my long time friend and parton Damon.....I am still proud that I did this.

Magik Brute, I thought Brute Magik the Battle Mage was just to corney so I switched it around so that it was Magik Brute. Also Magik was a play on Magic as he was about to be my first true mage as a 4 school Life and War Spec'd....I never thought he would reach 50 to get Creature but having him linked as a direct vassel to my Tinker (an apprasal mule at the time with Creature and Item specd) Brute VI Mule, I liked keeping my Mule names simple (Brute II Mule, Brute III Mule, Brute V mule have all been deleted) and dual logging was how Magik Brute got his critter buffes (pre buff bots) as well as item buffs till level 20 and she use to "follow" Magik Brute around to help him by buffing him and now Brute VI Mule cast 7's in Item, Life and Creature with some of the higher tinkering skills in the game.

Just a little history on my charters.....Don't get me started on my Brother, Co-Co Freak, Co Co Mage and Co-Co Magik.

Asheron's Call : Dark Majesty

Magik Brute - Kick @$$ Battle Mage
Brute Forcesun - Tank on two leggs
Brute VI Mule - Kick @SS Creature Mage and Tinkere
Brute's Cook - Iron Chef and alchmist...Just a touch of fletching.

Asheron's Call 2 : Fallen Kings

Gilgamesh Human Archer with a touch of life magic.
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Standard User

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Posted - 02/18/2003 :  3:39:10 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Greetings main character is a family thing.


I have twins....Mike and Mark (both of which DID play AC) So I am M and M's dad.
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Silent Mage
Friend of Family

314 Posts

Posted - 01/08/2004 :  8:06:21 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

I have the right to remain silent anything I say can and will use against me in the court of law.

my original char was name Pangit Mo means Your ugly in Filipino

Silent Mage was from walmart got hima at level 30

Bisaya is Bisaya one fo the native dialects of the island

Biyakero is a double word meant splitter or **************

Vas Loss I got that name from an old movie famous saying from a german Uboat captain Vas Loss torpedo away!!

mean Archon was a joint work of a char from meannoto and me.. also from the game Starcraft Dark Archon

Mfourteen Longshot name froma military sniper rifle M14

magindanaw name of the southern largest island of the Phil

Malou Ang is a double word again reg name or can be use as a word

Utot Mo means stinky gas

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